Our programs and projects were developed to serve as part of the solution to modern-day ecological and global food crisis. We aim at initiating ourselves as the catalyst in collective grassroots movement. As each person being educated, accessible to tools and support through us can take what they learned to start their own journey to thrive, share a healthy and abundant organic food source within their local communities. We hope to send out ripple effects around the globe to see the positive changes as a result.

One of our core project relies on creating a feature-length documentary film that will serve to raise awareness and educate the public regarding the importance of preserving our organic seeds and seed cultivation. These are some of the most fundamental elements in creating abundant food source in our communities as well as world-wide. We hope to raise awareness with the documentary film, regarding food shortages and hunger issues existing in the world today.

We’re structuring our programs and campaign strategies to incorporate the use of various media outlets as well as creating strategic partnerships with for-profit enterprises in sustainable and green conscious business to create a self-sufficiency funding model rather than relying strictly on donor based funding. In this model we also help to create jobs and improve the economy of disadvantaged and underprivileged communities and individuals.

Here are some of our current programs and project;

  • Give A Gift of Seeds Program (Organic seed vault, seed distributions.)
  • Operation Rise ‘N Shine (Media productions, outreach and events.)
  • “No one is Left Behind” Transformational Intentional Community Project (creating jobs, assisting individuals to launch sustainable green careers, shared business opportunities and provide long-term housing for the homeless and socially challenged individuals who are struggling to provide for themselves.)

We also think that it is of critical importance to educate and empower women to be the main influencers in re-shaping our society. We view women to be equally important in creating a sustainable future with a greater moral and spiritual support. We have dedicated programs to assist women to partake in leadership roles in providing nutritious foods, committing to practice non-violence in their homes to create a healthy family environment.