S.O.L Foundation was founded by independent artist and entrepreneur Naseem Murakami. Prior to its inception in June 2013, Naseem co-founded a charitable organization serving a mission which focused on disaster relief, feeding the hungry and sponsoring underprivileged children to be enrolled in Schools. She served as vice president of ROMA Foundation while simultaneously serving as a board member for another international disaster relief organization PeDRO (Philipine Disaster Relief Organization). After about 2 years she decided to move on to focus on her own life mission. Naseem started advocating for and became involved in activism work within nature conservancy, animal rights and the organic whole food movement. After living a vegan lifestyle for several months, whereupon she discovered through conducting of her own research, the devastating impact on our environment mainly caused by the rapidly increasing animal agriculture industry which over the centuries has grown due to the increasing demand for animal products. Based on her findings and personal journey, with a desire to contribute to long-term solutions of sustainability and agriculture, Naseem decided to found her own non-profit organization which aligns with her life mission. This is how S.O.L Foundation was created.